Goal: Teach Myself to Feed My Family Daily

I’ve been cooking for my family now for 15 years, but I rarely “whip something up”. To tell you the truth, I’ve always struggled with cooking. Hate would be too strong a word, but I seriously disliked cooking until about 4 years ago when I watched Julie and Julia. It never dawned on me before that movie that cooking could be more than a dreaded chore…or even fun.

Julie and Julia was so motivational and such an inspiration, that I have one cookbook that is literally falling apart! It’s called How To Boil Water. Yeah, that’s right. The book I would use to teach myself to cook was so beginner that the instructions to boiling water was in the title (and seriously in the book). I followed it like Julia followed her famous French cookbook…daring myself to move on to something new. However, I got stuck.

Cooking was starting to be fun, but the kitchen counters were filling up with dirty pots and pans, plates and forks, and other messes, and making food that would sustain a family wasn’t happening. Oh sure, that salad was wonderful…but where’s the main course? Those cookies are delicious, but what are we eating for dinner tonight? It was typically still fast food. I went from Hamburger Helper or Whataburger every night, to at least cooking two to three meals a night. That was a vast improvement, but still not very good.

Now I find myself at another corner, trying to get up the nerve to take the turn and head down that next level in cooking–the daily home cook. I’ve become really good at following recipes, fixing meals, and finding things in the grocery store (my least favorite part). But we still eat fast food a lot! I’ve never taken that leap to daily home cook.

And now I want to! I want to teach myself to cook daily! To keep a clean kitchen and tidy table. To give my family a reason to trust that there will be dinner on the table tonight…without a run to the nearest fast food stop. And I invite you to come along for the ride.

Hop on board! You’re invited to come along as I figure this daily home cooking out. Succeed or fail, I’m going to dive it head first. I kinda feel like I’m starting all over.